Church Facilities and Building Plan

     This page exists for the purpose of keeping you updated on building plans for Agua Fria Christian Church.  Our current facilities are discussed below, as well as the current amount contained in our Church Development Fund

Our Vision For Growth
     The Leadership at Agua Fria Christian Church have accomplished much over the past few years.  Our congregation began in a small, beat up old church building which was constructed in 1902, and has managed to thrive despite the limited funds and facilities.  The Church has come a long way in restoring the original church building, and has acquired additional land in order to prepare for the future.  We recognize the importance of having adequate facilities to minister to the needs of whomever may come to worship with us.  With these things in mind, it is our intent to continue to care for and restore the original historic church building, and also to construct a new larger facility which will better meet our needs. 
     However, we plan to do these things in a financially responsible manner.  Instead of enslaving the congregation and members to an enormous and irresponsible debt, we believe that the Lord will provide in His own time just as he has always done with His church.  We are currently saving our money, and adding to our building fund so that when we reach the time and are able to build, we can all feel confident that we have done so according to sound Biblical teaching in regards to money and finances.

As of January 2009, Our Church Development Fund contains

Our Goal-

Current Facilities

Plans for the Future