Our Historic Church Building

     The History of
Agua Fria Christian Church
     Our "Little Old Country Church" was built around the year 1902, and is one of the oldest buildings in Humboldt.  It has served the communities of Humboldt and Dewey, and the surrounding areas for many years and in many ways, including being opened several times by different Church groups and was even used as a Library. 
     The Church was reopened as “Community Christian Church”, a nondenominational Christian Church in 1992 under the supervision of Ron Moyer, a Christian Minister and "Old Country Preacher".  We are all very grateful to Ron and Ruth Moyer for the incredible work they accomplished during their time in Humboldt.  The Church building underwent some major repairs before being re-opened in 1992 and the properties have been improving ever since.  We now have a Sunday-School building, a basketball court, a young childrens playground and a parsonage.  We are also planning on building a fellowship hall to better meet the needs of the members and to reach out to the surrounding community.
     Every year, our congregation hosts its annual "Old West Day" in order to celebrate the history of our unique church and of our old mining community.  We are very proud of our historic church building and the part it has played through the years.  We are even more excited about the role it continues to play and the future of our service in the quad-city area.

Our Statement of Faith
We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. We accept only the Bible as the inspired, infallible word of God.

Our Obedience
We practice God’s plan of salvation as commanded in scripture, which includes Belief, Repentance,
Confession, Baptism (immersion), and continuing steadfast in the faith.

We partake of the Lord’s Supper every Sunday, and invite all obedient and faithful Christians to fellowship with us and join us as members of our congregation.

Our Goals
*To Worship and Honor God in our Church services and personal lives.
*To love and care for each other and our neighbors in the community.
*To Evangelize the Gospel of Christ to the Humboldt / Dewey area as our Lord commanded in the Great Commission. (Matt 28:19, 20 )
*To baptize believers into Christ’s
Church and guide them through their walk with God.
*To present every Christian as mature in Jesus Christ by teaching them to love, live and obey the Holy Scriptures.
*To fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by helping to establish new Church Bodies and send Missionaries into all the world.